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Days ago Zamira Hajiyeva, who is the subject of the first two unexplained wealth orders obtained by the UK National Crime Agency NCA , also spent .Zamira Hajiyeva born is an Azerbaijani national resident in the United Kingdom, who in became the first recipient of an Unexplained Wealth .Days ago MUM Zamira Hajiyeva s lavish lifestyle is the subject of an Unexplained Wealth Order UWO a new power that allows the NCA to force .Zamira Hajiyeva, the wife of a former, now jailed state banker in Azerbaijan, is the target of the UK s first Unexplained Wealth Order, compelling .Days ago Zamira Hajiyeva has been named as the woman behind the lavish can be revealed as Zamira Hajiyeva the wife of a jailed Azerbaijani .Days ago Zamira Hajiyeva was named as the first person subject to Unexplained Wealth Orders UWOs by the National Crime Agency NCA after the .Days ago A woman who spent m at Harrods in a decade can now be identified as Zamira Hajiyeva the first target for the UK s new anti corruption .Days ago Zamira Hajiyeva, , used credit cards issued by her husband s bank to splash out .m on shopping every year for a decade at the .Days ago Zamira Hajiyeva is wife of Azerbaijani banker jailed for defrauding his state owned bank out of as much as .bn..Days ago The “McMafia” suspect targeted by Britain s first unexplained wealth order was given a “golden visa” to live in the UK eight years ago without .

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